December 12th,2016
Fifteen.It seems so ordinary saying it out aloud, even more ordinary considering it’s just the number of years you’ve been in this mysterious journey called life.

Many wait for to reach this age , this is personally relatable as I wondered what it would be like to finally turn 15.Many long to be 15 again, those memories , nostalgic emotions and longing .As for me –I am fifteen.

How does it feel?As ordinary as being 5. (Obviously with ten extra years of experience).It is great , having to not worry about growing up , having to go to school and meet awesome friends , having to stay up late letting technology consume your time-this is great.As there are the great times ,there are bad too.The 15 year old norm-which I won’t get into detail right now (homework ,puberty , relationships)

What did I learn ?Fifteen , what do you learn at this young unexperienced age .I can definitely say I have learnt a lot.

  • How to cope with responsibilitits
  • How to handle household tasks
  • How to study better 
  • How to accept myself 
  • How to choose the right friends  

These are just a few,And there are many more to be added to this list with more years to come .

You are proably wondering why is she writing a about being 15?the reason I want to share my thoughts about my 15 year old journey is so , one day I can look back upon this blog -it will definitely be fantastic to look back .Maybe you might want to share your experiences about your age right now -I would love to hear different perspectives of different ages-if you do want to share your journey , feel free to comment them down below .

I hope you have a fantastic journey through life ,and also keeping in mind that age isn’t going too change any situation , rather embrace the reality of life -be it good or bad , and I can ensure you one day , you will look back and understand it has moulded you to be a better person 

Thank you for visiting my blog.stay tuned.


So I’ve finally built up the courage to sit myself down, and start this blog.I did have a previous blog-but I isolated it and stopped posting I thought to myself why not start fresh , so here I am.

On this site I will go by  theebrowngirl. I am fifteen years old and in tenth grade going into eleventh.My birthday is on March 5th , yes sweet sixteen in 2017.I am currently on December vacation and pretty bored -thus here I am.My hobbies are watching television and reading.I find life intriguing and im always curious.I’m stuck on technology and think it’s a wonderful opportunity to document your life.

I am pretty boring , so I do not have a clue about what I am going to blog about -but I will try my best to make this site interesting , who knows it might turn into something great .

Thank you for visiting , stay tuned.